2/11/2012              A Night with My Beloved                           Amelia Courthouse,VA

2/18/2012              Ladies Tea and Coffee                             Amelia Courthouse, VA

4/4/2012               West End Assembly of God MOPS                    Richmond, VA

4/27/2012             Sandy Creek Baptist Church                  Amelia Courthouse, VA

Where I’ve Been

11/11-11/12            Mount Pleasant Baptist Church                  Colonial Heights,VA
                                                  Women’s Retreat

7/13/11                Circle of Friends Women’s Luncheon           Sugarcreek, OH

3/25/11- 3/26/11     Westlake Community Church             Saratoga Springs, UT
                                               Women’s Conference

3/15/11                   Mt. Pleasant Baptist MOPS                        Colonial Heights, VA

10/20/10             West End Assembly of God MOPS                    Richmond, VA

6/24/10               Speak Up with Confidence                                Grand Rapids, MI

11/22/09             Graceland Baptist Church                                    Powhatan, VA

6/24/09               Speak Up with Confidence                                 Grand Rapids, MI

5/22/09               Sandy Creek Baptist Church                        Amelia Courthouse, VA

5/19/09               Mt. Pleasant Baptist MOPS                              Colonial Heights, VA

5/07/09               Banner Christian School                                        Richmond, VA

3/28/09               Red Lane Baptist Church                                       Powhatan, VA

2/11/09               Mt. Pisgah United Methodist Church               Midlothian, VA

1/10/09               Divine Romance Women’s Conference            Kansas City, MO

12/13/08              Love Covenant Fellowship                         Amelia Courthouse, VA

11/10/08              Immanuel Baptist MOPS                                  Richmond,VA

11/08/08              Hope Chapel                                                   Amelia Courthouse,VA

10/25/08              Family Worship Center                                    Powhatan, VA

10/9/08               Amelia County Ruritans                                Amelia Courthouse,VA

8/9/08                 Love Covenant Fellowship                           Amelia Courthouse, VA


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