About Me

 After spending many years of my life working hard to overcome my traumatic past, heal,  and become “normal,”  I have now realized that that term “normal”  is relative. How to be a good mom-(even if you didn’t have one), how to be a good wife-(even if you were abused most of your life), how to be a good friend-(even when trust in others comes so very slowly)… the ever enduring quest of finding balance in a too busy life; These are the desires of most women’s hearts and it looks similar yet different for all.

Tired of attempting to fit, squish and squeeze into a mold the Lord created for anyone else (squooshing out all over the place like a too full tupperware container) my heart now is focused upon only availing myself to be continually molded and transformed into His image.

A Texas girl at heart I now reside in central Virginia.  I love the convenience and beauty of living smack dab between the mountains and the ocean!  As well, I delight in the gift of seasons, especially Autumn.  All of the leaves could have just turned black and dropped but instead we are blessed with a beautiful display of the creativity of the Father in the transition from Fall into Winter.

Although never a true cheerleader (WAY too uncoordinated for that) I am a cheerleader of dreams and aspirations!  My heart is to see women of God walk in the fullness of that which the Lord has for them, to experience the abundant life Jesus died to give them, and to know the extent of the abundant love of the Father He desires to express to them through intimate relationship with Him.  I enjoy leading a weekly “Circle of Friends” in my home.  We love each other, encourage one another, and do life together over coffee.

A vessel restored myself, I long to see women of God overcome their pasts of pain and abuse to walk in the Freedom, Healing, and Wholeness that can only be found through Him.

I have been married for fifteen years to the man that the Lord knew would walk with me side by side upon the journey of healing from being bound to be free.

  I have two beautiful children who daily remind me of God’s faithfulness as He has helped me to love them well.

Currently I teach elementary school – Kindergarten-Second Grade- and am attending graduate school to obtain my Masters degree in Counseling.

Writing, speaking and people are the passion of my heart.

Every Tuesday you can click the following link to locate my devotionals-

Circle of Friends Ministries.

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to be a contributing author to the daily devotional Macchiato Moments published by Circle of Friends Ministries which can be purchased by clicking here.

I was blessed to work with Carol Kent and Jennie Afman Dimkoff  and have two different stories included in their most recent joint effort Miracles on Hope Hill which can be purchased here       



Ten Things About Me You Might Not Already Know

10-I love to travel and am a complete tourist wherever I happen to be

9-Music makes me joyfully dance (but not in public because I lack  coordination:)

8-Coffee is mandatory- strong, black and caffeinated

7-I am “no-fuss” when it comes to hair, make-up, and clothes

6-My love for fun and people often causes me to become distracted from those things which require more discipline

5-I am secretly addicted to greeting cards; sending them, receiving them- I could LIVE in a Hallmark store

4- I do not enjoy cooking, cleaning, or anything remotely domestic

3-I believe that praying for those I love is second only to loving them

2-I am a “book” person who lives in a house full of “movie” people

1-Math is my secret nemesis


5 responses to “About Me

  1. Elizabeth

    Love you new website… and your top 10!

  2. Tricia

    Great job on the website Tanya! I feel blessed to know you and your passions…I have to say I knew all 10 (esp. #8)!!

  3. hollynes

    So excited to hear your testimony and it has been a blessing to read some f the things you have written! Thanks for allowing God to use you!!! 🙂

  4. Jeri

    You truly are a ray of sunshine. Just want to say that your first paragraph on this page, reminds me of someone I know well.

  5. Ginger

    Was trying to figure out how to post ‘Alice’ pics on your FB page and came across this site. You’re very fascinating, I’m glad I stumbled across this.

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