The grass withers and the flowers fall,  but the word of our God endures forever.

Isaiah 40:8 (NIV) 

Recently, I traveled to speak at a conference.  Having not been on a plane for awhile, I was very obedient when the stewardess stood in the front of the plane before take-off instructing us to pull out our white information cards and read the poorly illustrated safety instructions.

I looked at the pictures, read the words and watched her demonstration of proper use of the seatbelt and air in “case of emergency.”  Upon glancing up I noticed that none of the other passengers were paying attention to the flight attendant, but instead were consumed in their own worlds of either technology or print.

It amazed me that vital, life saving information was being freely given and everyone was just too consumed in what they were doing to pay any attention.  I was betting on the inside however that if “in case of” emergency was suddenly be upon us, everyone would have wished that that which they had casually dismissed had been fresh in their brain.

By the time I returned home I had had four opportunities to hear a stewardess share safety instructions with me.  And, like all the others, I did not take the time to pull out the white safety instruction card.  Instead I just watched this woman talk to a group of people who were completely uninterested in what she was saying and say it anyways, because it was her job.

How many people are so consumed in their own lives that they aren’t taking time to listen to the safety instructions laid out by God or to read the “white safety instruction card” that is His word?

Many people believe that God lays out instruction to try to control us, limit our freedom or to keep us from “enjoying” life.  What they don’t understand however is that His Word and truth  all originate from His abundant love for us.

There are many who find themselves too consumed with their own lives to really pay attention and take advantage of what God has to say.  They simply don’t understand the freedom, life and liberty that lies within His truth.

Just like the stewardess, God does not share these truths with us for Himself.  He already knows the truth, He IS the truth.  These are the very things however, the only things, that can really help us “in case of emergency” here on this earth- and after.

I would have to say that the highlight of my weekend was having the opportunity to share God’s message of salvation with one of the women who attended the conference.  I was so thankful that in this situation God chose to use me to share vital and yet simple truth with this woman that she had never known before.

God loves you.  He sent His son to die for you.  Romans 10:9 says that if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  I have never been one to just throw these words at people.  I have found that when you throw things at people they usually duck!  I am thankful however when the timing is right and God chooses to use me in this way.

I was amazed that this sweet and beautiful woman who was well into her 50’s had never really heard the truth of the Gospel laid out before her.  What an honor to have the opportunity to introduce her to my King, Lord and Daddy.  Because you know, (sorry I can’t resist) I am My Father’s Daughter.

Father, Thank you for your Word which brings truth and life.


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