Birds of a Feather

How could one chase a thousand, And two put ten thousand to flight, Unless their Rock had sold them, And the Lord had surrendered them?  (Deut. 32:30) 

We decided that  a trip to the beach would be  a special way to celebrate my twenty-first birthday.  It was a splurge, but eight months into a fairly difficult pregnancy my husband and I  knew that this would be our last time away together before “we” became “three.”

While packing, I was sure to bring along a few loaves of bread for the purpose of feeding the sea gulls.  It was beautifully picturesque in my mind.   We would walk down the beach hand in hand, stopping every now and then to feed the beautifully graceful birds with the roar of the ocean serving as our background music.  What could be more perfect?

After a wonderful birthday dinner at a seaside restaurant,  my husband and I headed off for that sandy walk I had been anticipating.  The early evening sun began to settle into dusk offering a delightful display of the artistic flare of the Creator..

We walked and talked for awhile, our words eventually waning as we just took it all in. Upon seeing a few random gulls I remembered.  I opened one of the loaves of bread and began to break off little pieces, throwing them in the air one by one thinking this would get the attention of the birds above us.  Immediately heading our way, they devoured that which we offered them.  It became a game, throwing to different places, watching the birds swoop down and catch the pieces before they hit the ground.  I smiled at my husband, this is what had been in my heart all along….

I’m not certain how sea gulls communicate, but, as if someone had gotten on the party line, our two seagulls were almost immediately joined  by about twenty-five more.  Initially, I was awed and amazed by this… it was quite a sight to see them…swarming.

Before I knew it, I was surrounded.  I looked back at my husband who was outside of this “circle of friends” I now had.  He smiled with eyebrows raised as if he was overjoyed for me that I had gotten exactly what I had desired.  I said “um…I’m a little nervous” but he couldn’t hear me over the now obnoxiously deafening and demanding shrieking.

When I didn’t move fast enough, the birds, who must be the most brazen birds I’ve ever encountered, began flying right above my head- threatening to land there.  I swung my arm to swoosh them away but it was a futile effort because when one moved they were immediately replaced by two more.

Completely overwhelmed I did what any eight months pregnant woman in her right mind would do.  I began waddling full speed down the beach throwing full pieces of bread behind me screaming.  Looking for a rescuer, a backwards glance at my husband revealed his concern in the way he was practically doubled over…. laughing.  As soon as I surrendered the entire loaf of bread, flinging it as far away from myself as I could, the birds were no longer interested in me.

There is power in numbers.  The Word of God is clear that prayer is a powerful weapon to be used against the schemes of the enemy. When God’s people join together in unity to pray according to His Word about a specific matter, good things happen.

Praying with someone else helps us to remain focused on truth  and draw from their faith even when we are feeling discouraged.

What matter is on your heart today?  Who could you enlist to take it before the Father with you? Is there someone who could use a little prayer support from you?

Father, help me to be a faithful intercessor with others and for others. 


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