OH! Christmas Tree

On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. John 7:37 (NKJ)

I like the idea of our entire family all bundled in cozy winter attire piling in the car and exuberantly caroling the entire ride to the Christmas tree farm; ax in hand we would search until we found that perfect tree.  With the final blow we would unanimously cheer “tim-ber!” and our beautiful tree of green would fall. Together we would drag it back to the car and sing all the way home except when we stop for hot cocoa. Yep, that sounds so seasonally festive to me.

As often is the case our realty ended up being much different.  It was “the boys” alone who headed out to find that perfect tannenbaum with which to grace our home this Christmas.  Instead of a tree farm, it was the front of our local grocery store where they handpicked it. Upon arriving home from running errands I was thrilled to find it already up, lit and ready for our the night of decorating.  We did however drink hot cocoa, so the dream lives on.

Our little tree did its job well the first few days.  Standing tall, proud and strong it bore the weight of multicolored ornaments that had been collected throughout the years.  Around the fourth day however, something looked a little different.  The arms which once stood out straight and firm now looked weak and limp.  The branches, which originally filled the living room with the refreshing smell of pine now barely held a scent at all.  The needles, which once were pliable and elastic had become dry and brittle and rained in a cascade when barely touched. Our tree was dying.

Extensive research consisting of sticking my finger in the green container that held the trunk caught me by surprise.  I expected the “root” of our issue to be found in a lack of water, unfortunately this would not be an unfamiliar problem encountered by plants that found their way to our household.  The truth however was not a lack of water at all, but instead, an inability of our little tree to drink the water that was available to it.  Apparently, pre-cut live trees seal themselves and need to be re-cut so that they are able to soak up water.

Jesus tells us in John 7:37 that if we are thirsty we should come to Him and drink.  As believers we have come to Him.  We invite Him into our hearts, offer Him our lives and begin developing that eternal relationship that will be like no other we have ever known.

Once we have come to Him we have the opportunity to drink.  It seems however that in the lives of some, different issues have sealed up their heart in places preventing them from drinking in the fullness of all the Lord has for them.

In my own life it was un-forgiveness which acted as a sealing factor within my heart.   Un-forgiveness effectively sealed in anger, bitterness and turmoil and sealed out the freedom, peace and joy that was always available yet seemingly unattainable to me.  It wasn’t until I allowed the Lord to cut un forgiveness off of my life that I was able to fully drink in the amazing freedom He had for me.

What needs to be cut off of your life today Child of God?  Is there something preventing you from being able to fully drink in all He has for you?  Humble yourself, submit it to Him and allow Him to do within you the work that needs to be done.

Help me Lord not only to come to you, but to remain open and available for you to continue that good work you have begun within me. 


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