Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead,cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. Mathew 10:8 (NKJ)

The last day of school before Christmas break is unlike any other day of the year.  Everyone arrives knowing that really, academics are secondary to celebration and that the true focus of our time together is meant for gift exchanges, cookie eating, glittery crafts and general all around Christmas festivities.

As a teacher, I am always blessed by that sweet moment when one by one I am approached by my students and gingerly handed a Christmas gift.  Kneeling down I make sure to look them in the eye, hug them tight and thank them wholeheartedly for their thoughtfulness.

This year, one of my first graders, a freckle faced cutie with long blond hair and a smile that lights up an entire room offered a confident proclamation with her gift.  “Mrs. Glanzman, I know that you are really going to like my gift.”  “I know that I will” I assured her with a wink. She repeated with emphasis “No, I mean you’re really going to like it.” Her resoluteness stirred my curiosity. With a sideways glance and a sly grin I asked “And why do you think that will be so?”  She answered, “because last year, when someone gave it to my mama, she really liked it!”

Over the years I too have been a re-gifter.  When finances fell on the slimmer side of things I became skilled in the art of re-gifting.  Truly thankful for the thoughtfulness of the gift giver, I worked hard at determining if anything given to me could possibly be a blessing to someone who I loved and desired to bless.  The blessing of the gift given to me was magnified if I could re-gift it to someone else.

Other times, re-gifting came in handy when someone who didn’t’ know me well would gift me with something that just wasn’t “me,” but I knew would be exactly what someone special in my life would be thrilled with.  Ultimately, the old adages really have proven true.  It really is more blessed to give than it is to receive and it really is the thought that counts.

There are few self proclaimed re-gifters.  The social ramifications of the act and its questionable breach of political correctness lead most to re-gift in secret.  The truth remains however that sometimes to give what you have been given is just what makes the most sense.

As children of God, not only is it acceptable for us to re-gift but it is expected!  The truth is, is that unless we give that which we have been given; we are not successfully fulfilling all that the Lord has called us to.  In the Kingdom of God, re-gifting is the only way to do things!

In my own life I have been given so many wonderful gifts from the Lord that I am compelled to share them with others.  Anything that I have that is of value to give is only that which has already given to me by the Father.  As I encounter others along this journey of life I am constantly searching within my own reservoir of gifts asking the Lord “what is it Father that you have placed within me that I can give to them?”

What have you been given by the Father?  Comfort, encouragement, love, mercy, grace, forgiveness and even more?  Is there someone that the Lord has placed within your life who could really use one of those?

I encourage you to seek the Father and ask Him what He would have you re-gift to someone else this season.

Father, help me to be faithful to take those gifts which you have given me and re-gift them into the lives of others.  Help me to freely give as I have freely received. 


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