Like Little Children

 And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Matthew 18:3 (NIV)

It was to be the girl’s weekend of all girl weekends away.  I had been preparing and planning each detail for months.  The time had come to share with my daughter the delicate yet crucial aspects of womanhood. It was also to be a time of sharing our hearts, intentional mother daughter bonding and having lots of fun.   This had become more than an ordinary road trip but had transformed into an eventful pink rite of passage.

While in travel to our destination we both listened.  This was the time that had been set aside for the more intimate portions of “conversation.”  I was so thankful for the help I received from the CD’s that came in, what I had began to refer to as the “Christian sex-talk in a box.”  For those parents who might struggle for one reason or another with sharing the “facts of life” with their kiddoes, these gracious youth pastors had created an entire kit dedicated to the task.  I was more than thankful for their God focused well spoken assistance.  This part of my own childhood had not been done well and it was very big within my heart to offer my daughter better than what I had been offered in this place.

The bulk of significant information was worked through on the drive to the hotel leaving us with the rest of our weekend to delve into discussion based on never before broached topics.  We transitioned through the afternoon settling into our room, played in the hotel pool and prepared to head to dinner at our favorite restaurant.

Realizing that I had left something behind, I scooted back for a quick sec leaving my daughter to wait in the car.  I ran up, jammed my key card in the slot and intentioned to quickly grab what I needed.

As I opened the door however I was completely stopped in my tracks.  There, upon the bed my daughter had chosen, I was greeted by her beloved “Blanky.”  I hadn’t noticed that she had brought it and in that moment I was overcome with the poignancy of the moment; the meeting of all that ragged piece of quilted cloth had come to represent and where we now found ourselves.

My little girl was growing up.  And even still, she had chosen to bring with her a blanket she had slept with all her life.  Gifted to her at birth, there were many nights when she could not sleep without her blanky.  It was her security.  In recent years she had kept it on her bed at home more as a reminder of what once was than anything else.  Instantly I was overcome with mixed tears of both sadness and joy.  My chubby cheeked, blond curly headed, smiley little girl was now a beautiful, well spoken young woman.  And yet, perhaps perceiving that it was to be a weekend of new things, she brought her security blanket along for the ride.

As children of God we grow and mature.  It is important and necessary that we do so in order to walk in all that He has for us.  Even as we mature however, there are critical aspects of child like faith that we must continue to cling to and refuse to let go of.  We must take them with us everywhere we go.

Trust, dependence and unrelenting surety that  God will always keep His promises, as all good Fathers do, will always serve us well as we continue to grow and mature into all that He calls us to be.

Help me Father to always have the wisdom and courage to come to you with the faith of a little child…


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