The Keeping Things

 For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. (Hebrews 12:11) ESV

 Recently I stepped on the scale and was disappointed to realize that the numbers which greeted me reflected what I already suspected to be true.  I had surpassed what I gingerly referred to as my uh-oh number.  The number which serves as the resounding alarm calling me into action.  I had slipped into the danger zone of “if you don’t begin doing something different right now you are not going to be happy with where the road you are currently on leads you.”

Two years ago I began a weight management program which taught me how to take in account every single morsel I placed into my mouth.  A “points based” system which I’m sure you are familiar with that helped me to be more thoughtful about what I put into my body.  I followed the plan, it worked, and in six months I lost 30 pounds in a healthy, balanced and intentional way.

As long as I followed that plan of discipline I maintained my weight loss.

As time passed, I began to neglect my point counting ways.  I really do admire those individuals who, within the strength of their own self resolve, possess enough discipline to set personal limits in regards to all things yummy.  Personally, a tremendous fondness of sugar in all forms makes this very difficult for me void of some plan of action.  And thus, this is not the first time I have found myself upon the scale with a begrudged nodding of my heart recognizing what I must do.  I simply cannot afford to be lax, lazy or absent minded in this area.  In order to keep myself where I want to be I must continue to do those things which got me there to begin with.

This concept presents as truth in every area of our lives.  The way that we fall in love is the way that we stay in love.  The way we make friends is the way we keep friends.  The way that we grow to know the Lord is the very way that we will continue to grow into deeper levels of intimacy with Him.

A scale is a tangible way to measure where I am in keeping myself where I want to be in relation to my weight.  In other areas however it is the faithful Holy Spirit who nudges me and gently reminds me to continue to do those very things that will keep me where I want to be.

Accountability counts and the Lord will often speak into my life in these places through my accountability partner.  A beautiful Daughter of God, she and I have established a relationship built upon intentional trust, transparency, and honesty before the Lord and before one another.  We have given each other permission to speak truth into one another’s lives based on God’s Word and we choose to continue to avail ourselves to a relationship that by its very nature opens ourselves up to keeping our “keeping things” in perspective as we do life together.

Together we venture forward in this journey of life hearing the song within each other’s hearts that sings of a desire to serve God whole heartedly and love well those who have been placed in our lives.

If you do not currently have an accountability partner, I encourage you to pray and see who the Lord might choose for you to enter in to this type of relationship with.   It is a gift to have someone to help you keep your keeping things.

Father, thank you for helping me to be mindful, purposeful and intentional about keeping those things that keep me where You desire for me to be. 


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