Hidden Fences

 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galations 5:1 (NIV)

We wanted a dog.  Well…my husband and my kids wanted a dog; frankly I have always been more of a “cat person.”  Nonetheless, a dog was in the plan and therefore so was a fence.  Living in the country necessitated that for the safety of the dog (and the convenience of the owners) that we have a fence.

Of all of our fencing options an underground electric fence was the most affordable and practical.  My husband bought the kit, determined the boundaries and began to dig.  It was an arduous process.  With that done however we were able to go to the pound and choose our now beloved Lucy.  At four months old she was a bouncing ball of black fur.  A timid spirit, she was easy to train on the electric fence and learned quickly where her boundaries were set.  It wasn’t long before she even knew how far she could go before she heard the alerting “your about to get shocked” beep and was sure not even to broach this unpleasant reminder of the possible consequence of overstepping her boundaries.

As Lucy grew she continued to observe the boundaries that had been established for her. Even though she continues to wear a collar which has the ability to shock her if she were to overstep her bounds, at this point she doesn’t need it. She never steps beyond the invisible fence that she is familiar with being surrounded by.

After a storm last year we were alerted by the constant beeping of the fence monitor that there was a break in the line.  This causes the fence to malfunction because it interrupts the electrical current which flows through the line causing the entire system to be ineffective.  Immediately we were worried that there would be a chance that Lucy would run away.  Our fears subsided however when we realized that even when a squirrel, that Lucy would have very much liked to “play” with was taunting her, she did not breach the boundary that had been previously set for her.  She barked, leaped frantically and dashed back and forth in frustration, but never ran forward.  Even though she was in the truest sense of the word “free,” without hindrance or boundary to hold her back from running to her heart’s content, the unseen fence with which she had become so familiar held her captive.

We all have invisible fences which hold us captive.  Some people’s fences are labeled insecurity, some fear, some pride.  Others have fences which have trained them to remain with the confines of anger, hate and un-forgiveness. Regardless of the brand name, each of these fences keeps us from moving forward.

John 8:36 tells us… So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.  As children of God the Word tells us we have been set free.  Within my own life however, the need to be in control held me captive long after I was declared “free indeed.”  My own refusal to trust God caused me to remain within the confines of fear, self sufficiency and frustration when things didn’t work out just the way I thought they should.  This hindered me from running forward that race which had been set before me.  Instead, I just kept running around in circles getting nowhere.

I encourage you today to ask the Lord what invisible fence within your own life is keeping you from running unhindered.   I encourage you then to step out in faith into the new territory that He has established for you.   

 Father thank you for the freedom that I have in and through You. Help me Lord to embrace and walk in it.   


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