A Very Present Help

 God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble.  (Psalm 46:1) ASV

One of my husband’s favorite past times is woodworking.    I am happy to encourage him in this useful yet creative art because not only does it bring him joy, but as well, at the completion of each project I have a beautiful new handmade piece of furniture to decorate my home.

While my husband is working on one of these aforementioned projects, his favorite place for me to be is right by his side.  The main purpose of my presence while my husband is figuring, measuring, cutting, and sanding is simply to be there.  He likes my company.  Occasionally I will comment on how well things seem to be coming along and how good of a job he is doing, however for the most part I remain quiet.  When my voice wouldn’t be drowned out by the whirr of the rotating saw blade, quiet is best for his ability to concentrate and focus on the task before him.  So I sit and smile and am content to be ever present.

Today was one of those days when I had the privilege of keeping my husband company as he enjoyed this craft of building.  I am especially excited for the completion of this project because I know that at its end I will have a brand new hutch for my kitchen.  Before he ever began I showed him pictures of the design that I was particularly fond of and from those ideas he is creating me one of my very own.

As I was sitting nearby, reading a book, all of the sudden he called my name.  I glanced up momentarily prepared to smile and comment on whatever newly completed portion of the project that I thought he was going to show me.  Instead however, he requested my help.  “Could you come over here and help me a minute?”

With my eyebrows furrowed I’m sure I gave him a look that communicated exactly what I was thinking…”Me? Help you? With THAT?”  In an instant I searched my brain for any ability which I possessed that could possibly be of assistance to him in this project.

I had watched how carefully and painstakingly he had been working to do everything exactly right.   As well, I witnessed how frustrated he became when he made a mistake.  In this type of undertaking details are important and 1/8 of an inch here and there really does make a difference in how everything turns out.  I certainly didn’t want to, in my “helping,” do anything that might make matters worse.  My husband smiled at my obvious wariness at his request, “I’m having some trouble and I need you to hold this.”

When my eyes met with what he was referencing, I was flooded with relief realizing that “holding this” was within my limited capabilities.  Me holding the piece of wood that he asked me to, provided the stability that he needed to make some adjustments and set things right.

In that moment, I was able to be “a very present help in time of trouble” for my husband.  In being willing to hold what he asked me to I provided the stability He needed to make some adjustments and set things right.

In an instant I remembered several times in my own life when the Lord had held something for me…offering me the stability that I needed to make some adjustments and set some things right within my heart…within my walk…within my life.

Thank you Lord that you are always willing to help me by holding that which I need you to, offering me the stability I need in unstable times.  As well, thank you Father that you set things right within me by helping me to make the adjustments that I need.  


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  1. Ginger Rucker

    Sometimes when we think we are so insignificant, so unimportant, we learn that just being there and lending support to another can make all the difference in our world.

    Our Father also reminds us with little “winks” throughout our day in the way of a child’s laughter, a bird’s song or a quick smile from our spouse that he is always there to support us….we just have to ask!

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