How Do You rATE?

 And now, Lord, observe their threats and grant to Your bond servants [full freedom] to declare Your message fearlessly, (Acts 4:29) AMP.

Today, during his sermon, our pastor stated that as the Body of Christ we are not supposed to insulATE ourselves.  We demonstrATE this trait when we are so surrounded by all that is Christian that we become of no value or good to the world in which we live.  We accumulATE our Christian music, Christian books and Christian friends and we differentiATE ourselves from those who do not know Christ. We segregATE ourselves in order to stay comfortable and safe in our own little corner of “Christian-dom”.  Many times we congregATE to approximATE the best way to articulATE who we are and what we believe in as we substantiATE the need to deviATE from the path we see so many others have taken.  The last thing we want to do is assimilATE to the world in which we live.

What he said did resonATE within me. There have been times when I have been guilty of simply wanting to isolATE, alienATE and separATE in order to exterminATE the yuck of the world from being able to infiltrATE and deteriorATE that which I have worked so hard to activATE within my life.  You see, I use to be a reprobATE.  The enemy had been able to successfully incarcerATE, intimidATE and instigATE me with his lies. But the love of Jesus was so powerful that it was able to resuscitATE me and illuminATE within me His love as it was shed abroad in my heart.  This served to alleviATE my hopelessness, re-locATE my guilt and shame, and irritATE the enemy of my soul.

I am faced with the truth that what Jesus has done for me does nessecitATe and obligATE me to investigATE how I can creATE opportunities to share truth with others as I appreciATE and celebrATE what He has done for me. I no longer desire to hesitATE.  I don’t want to irritATE, aggravATE or simply commentATE to those who do not yet know Him-it’s not even about how to indocternATE them- but instead how to share with them the truth that if they are willing to cremATE their old ways of living and thinking there is the ability to satiATE that place that can only be satisfied by the very one who desires to creATE within them a clean heart.

The grace and mercy which He has been so faithful to allocATE to me is available to all.  Today is the dATE that I commiserATE with my pastor. I will be praying that this week the Lord will formulATE within me a willingness to reverberATE within my life what He has helped me to meditATE upon within my heart.

My heart is so truly thankful Father for all that you have done within my life.  Your faithfulness astounds me.  You have saved me from even more than I know and my heart is overwhelmed with the goodness and mercy which you have displayed within my life as you have loved me with your perfect love.  Help me Father to have a longing and desire to tell others about you who do not yet know you as Lord and Savior.  Give me wisdom and courage to speak and live in a way that helps others to come to know you. 


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