Refusing to Rest

 For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: In returning [to Me] and resting [in Me] you shall be saved; in quietness and in [trusting] confidence shall be your strength. But you would not, (Isaiah 30:15 amp.)


As I settled into my spot, placing my carryon beneath the seat in front of me, I stared out the window. One last time I endeavored to drink my fill of the visual splendor which stood before me silently crying out of the majesty of their glorious Creator.  The beauty of the snow covered Utah Mountains had repeatedly caught my attention and stolen by breath away during my visit.

In the midst of that activity my mind began to reel.  Although the weekend had been wonderful, I was now headed home and would dive right back into the fullness of life.  My weekly calendar replaced the picturesque mountains as I closed my eyes and began to plod and plan out the upcoming week moment by moment.  Already, that familiar friend whom I have come to know so well as“overwhelmed” grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze assuring me that he would be waiting at the gate to greet me when my plane landed.

As I glanced the length of the aisle, I entertained myself by attempting to guess who it would be that would fill the seats beside me.  I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

Jacob meandered down the aisle in a casual sort of way.  He wasn’t the least bit concerned about the stream of impatient travelers behind him anxious to find an overhead home for their on-board totes.   He looked quite serious with his deep brown eyes, hair to match and chubby cheeks that gave away that he was somewhere between being a toddler and a little boy.  He had a little bit of difficulty ridding himself of his stuffed full royal blue backpack while still clutching his red dinosaur.

His mother, following behind him, met my eyes with a sincere tone of apology mixed with a silent pleading for grace and understanding regarding our current predicament.  With a five hour flight ahead, none of us really knew what kind of adventure we were in for with an obviously precarious and squirmy little boy.

Jacob however, did not share the burden of his mother and was completely uninhibited as he began to get to know me.  He glanced at me for a moment, gave me a pensive once over, and then finally decided that it would permissible to return my smile.  Walking through this door invited an overflow of his thought spilled out in words as he shared all of the information which he felt it was important for me to know.  He was three…almost four.  He liked pizza.  He was sad they had to give back the white car they had rented.  While visiting Utah he had enjoyed riding on a trolley, and he had a fish awaiting his return when he got home.

His mother remained “on her toes” for the entirety of the flight.  No matter how much reassurance I offered, she seemed quite stressed with the task of trying to ensure that Jacob wasn’t bothering me.  She was far more concerned about it than was I.

I was impressed with her consistent patience as she recycled items from the bag-o-fun to keep Jacob entertained.  Crayons, games, toys, and chocolate were a few of the items which she withdrew from her reserve.

About every thirty minutes she would gently suggest that Jacob “take a rest.”  As he grew more tired he would humor her for a few moments, clutch his baby blue “Wubby” and snuggle up against her.  There were even a few brief moments when he closed his eyes.  With each attempt I could see his mother’s shoulder’s drop with the heavy sigh which accompanied the much needed break.  It would only last a few moments however before he would pop back up with a request.  He was hungry, he was thirsty…. he wanted his orange truck.

Instead of sitting still long enough to allow himself to be engulfed by the rest which would offer him and his mother some much needed relief, Jacob remained restless.  Distractions, desires and discontentment kept Jacob from being able to enter that rest which he so desperately needed.

The Lord brought to my attention that Jacob and I had far more in common than the simple fact that we were traveling buddies.  “Resting” did not come easy for me either.  Although it is easier when away, in a different state, absent from the realities and responsibilities of everyday life to find a certain level of peace and rest, the true “test of rest” comes when you are right in the very midst of the distraction, desires and potential discontentment of everyday life.

The LORD used this very sweet little boy to serve as a tangible reminder to me that He has reminded me that I too need to rest.  He too will gently suggest to me “why don’t you take a rest?”

I need to rest in who He is and who He has been and who He has proclaimed Himself to be within my life.  When I choose rest, I am able to enter into the peace and comfort that the He has for me- despite the reality of how overwhelming life can feel at times.  As well, me entering into rest not only effects how I function, but it also has the ability to impact others in my life.  When I take time to rest, I am less grumpy and better able to be the wife, mother and friend that the Lord has called me to be.

Abba Father, thank you for the rest that can only be found when I commune and fellowship with you.  Help me LORD to be mindful and intentional about resting in You regardless of anything else going on in my life.


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One response to “Refusing to Rest

  1. …..and how interesting that it was that very passage from Isaiah that is underlined in my Bible dated 6-98, the same month I was called to what God knew would happen over the next 13 years. It was a prayer for a friend back then, who from my vantage point, was running and striving.
    His Word have I hidden in my heart, that I would not sin against Him. It’s time for me and Jacob to rest……you too, my dear. : ) thanks..LT

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