What Not to Wear

I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul will exult in my God; for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation, He has covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself with a garland, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels. Isaiah 61:10 (AMP)


My children are required to wear school uniforms.  Nothing fancy, just your typical khakis and navy blue polo.  There are many times that I am thankful for this requirement simply because it makes my life easier.  There are never any early morning, sleepy eyed battles regarding what they will wear for school.  As well, shopping for school clothes could not be less complicated.

At age eight, we decided that it was time for our son to begin becoming more independent in his clothing choices.  He was required to practice choosing appropriate clothing both for play and for church.  Play time apparel wasn’t an issue because any pair of shorts and a tee-shirt worked for me.  I didn’t even care if they matched and was just happy for him to be practicing independence.  Church however was a little bit different, and the first Sunday which he came downstairs having dressed himself I was prepared to gently and lovingly send him back upstairs to “try again” if I needed to.

It took me a moment to process when he walked into the kitchen with a broad grin on his face happily adorned in his school uniform-khaki pants, navy polo.  Because we attend a church where it is not required that we dress formally, Tyler’s school uniform actually was quite appropriate attire.  He was pleased with himself at “getting it right the first time” and I was pleased that he was pleased with his independent decision making skills.

The following Sunday Tyler again had the opportunity to choose his own church clothes and again he came downstairs in his school uniform.  This was one of those “mommy moments” when I really had to evaluate what was important and what the motives of my heart were.

The fact was, Tyler was continuing to choose something that was appropriate for church, in an independent manner.  These were the guidelines that had been laid out before him.  So the issue now became- was I comfortable in letting him have the freedom to choose even if it meant that he chose to wear his school uniform to church every Sunday for the rest of his life?

Our Heavenly Father has generously and graciously dressed us as His children.  A beautiful robe of righteousness awaits each child of God who chooses to humbly and willingly submit their hearts and lives, accepting the new identity which is theirs according to the inheritance which they have received.

Often however, we are tempted by the enemy of our souls to toss aside our robe of righteousness and replace it with something much less fitting.  He tries to whisper in our ear that really it is a robe of shame, insufficiency, or self defeat that suits us better. He helps us to put it on step by step, attempting to convince us the entire time that really this is what we were intended to wear all along, that we were never really worthy of a robe of righteousness to begin with.

What robe are you wearing today dear daughter of the most high King?  Are you dressed appropriately according to the royalty that you have been called to be…or are you trying to wear clothes that were never intended for you to take upon yourself?

Daily as we remind ourselves of who we are in Christ we must choose to cover and surround ourselves with the robe of righteousness that the Father so lovingly chose for us as a gift of Grace.  Regarding our choice of spiritual clothing on a daily basis, our Father would always prefer for us to remain dependent upon Him to dress us in His righteousness rather than choosing something else for ourselves.

Abba Father, I am so thankful for the robe of righteousness which you have gifted to me.  Help me always to hold on tight to it and to never lay it down or replace it with any identity which is contrary to who I am in you and through you.  Help me always to remember that I am a daughter of the Most High King.  I am my Father’s Daughter and therefore should be adorned as such…in the robe of righteousness which you have chosen for me.


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