Reel to Real Lessons

[No] for God selected (deliberately chose) what in the world is foolish to put the wise to shame, and what the world calls weak to put the strong to shame. 1 Cor. 1:27 (Amp.)

Secretariat” was the title of the movie.  My daughter loves horses and therefore any movie of an equine nature is guaranteed to make it to the top of her “must see” list.   We even traveled to the theatre for this one and made it an official “mommy-daughter date.”

I didn’t have extremely high expectations nor did I plan to get much out of it other than some memorable quality time with my horse loving girl.  Mom “brownie points” if you will.

I was very surprised when from the first scene of this movie I could sense the Holy Spirit nudging me, revealing spiritual truths to my heart one after the other, overwhelming me with His presence.  It was almost as if throughout the entire movie He was sitting right beside me, sharing my popcorn and whispering in my ear.

The focus of this movie was a horse who was the offspring of a Champion.  As a captive audience we witnessed the miracle of its birth and the reaction of its owner Penny.  In a moment of proud and quiet awe the on screen spectators to this momentous event held their breath while the slippery and unsteady creature struggled to stand upon its new and spindly legs. Penny acknowledges to all within hearing distance with certainty and a defining tone of authority that they had indeed, just been witness to the birth of a champion.

Looking at the still wet from birth creature wobbling to and fro attempting to merely stand and then to walk, there was nothing at that particular moment that resembled a champion.  Much to the contrary we could have just been peering through the life window of any regular every day horse.  But you see, the one to whom this particular horse belonged knew from where it came and to where it was destined to go.

As time went on, despite the indisputable blood that coursed through its veins, fewer and fewer were able to recognize this horse as the champion that it was.  In order to be considered a proper long distance racing horse there are certain criteria which must be met.  Over and over again the owner was reminded that her horse just didn’t “have what it takes.”  And yet, again and again, we witness Penny, the owner, allowing her heart and firm belief in that which lay within the creature she called her own to lead her in taking chance after chance upon what others considered mere foolishness.

The grand conclusion, without ruining the entire movie for you, is that “Secretariat” accomplished an equestrian feat that no horse in history had ever accomplished up until that point nor has ever since, only because one person refused to give up on him.

The world was stunned as they watched a “simplistic,” foolish if you will, housewife lead a horse who defied all odds into the winners circle.  No one with any sense would ever have placed their bets on either one of them.

The movie ended, the theatre lights came on, and I was remained still, sitting next to my slightly embarrassed daughter, completely affected by the cinematic production that we had just partaken in.  “Mom, it’s o.k., it was a happy ending…”    I wasn’t just silently crying but was overwhelmed with tears as well as by the Holy Spirit who had just opened the eyes of my heart to truth, right there in the movie theatre… row four, seat c.  He is always so faithful to meet us right where we are at.

Can you see the correlation? When I was born, when you were born, the Lord already knew what our lives would be.  And in the same moment that He witnessed us exiting our mother’s wombs within His heart resided the cry “I have just witnessed the birth of a champion!”

Romans 8:37 states No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. God sees us always as winners, over comers, victors, champions!!  No matter what it looks like, no matter what we face, no matter how foolish we may seem to anyone else that looks at us.  When our Heavenly Father sees us He sees us through champion colored glasses.  This is because He knows that if we refuse to give up, if we continue to fight the good fight of faith, that we will walk before Him as the victor that He so names us.

There have been many times when no one with any sense would place their bets on me.  All odds were against me.  I didn’t “meet the criteria” of a champion, an over comer, a conqueror.  But God never gave up on me.  Each and every time he chose and continues to choose to take another chance upon me when long ago others would have gotten fed up, given up and tossed me aside.

Have you ever felt the same way?  Are there things about you that you that make you feel like you fall short, don’t meet the standard, aren’t “good enough,” or just don’t measure up?  Ever feel foolish or weak?  Yes…me too.

I encourage you today to ask the Lord to help you borrow His glasses so that you can see yourself in the same way that He does.

Abba Father, I thank you that you never change your mind about me.  I thank you that you are the God of second chances and that your grace and mercy await for me new every single morning.  I praise you Lord that when you see me, you see me in truth, and I thank you that you help me to see myself that way too.  Help me Lord to see myself and others always through your eyes.


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