I Hate Fish!

Anyone who knows me knows that seafood is not my thing.  This trait, I have found, is atypical among the majority of the population.  While others drool over items like lobster, shrimp and other underwater culinary delights I am the one who orders chicken if a seafood restaurant is chosen for an event. 

Once, I was invited to a lunch at the home of  a very sweet sister who had spent all morning making a beautiful lobster quiche to bless me.  She did not know of my seafood aversion.  Cooking is one of her giftings and seeing how excited she was about it I determined within my heart that I would eat it no-matter what, not wanting to hurt her feelings.  As we so often do when we cook something we are excited about, she stared at my face with eager anticipation to see my reaction to that first delectable bite.  To both of our hearts disappointment I only got the fork as close to my face as it took for me to smell the lobster within.  It made me involuntarily gag!  This was not the reaction she was hoping for to say the least!  It was one of those awkward moments in life where I was so thankful for the Grace of God and the maturity of a Godly friend who didn’t take offense…To this day we laugh about that first luncheon encounter!  

This past weekend I had the honor of speaking to a group of women on the topic of being used for God’s Glory on a daily basis.  As I drove home after our time together I found myself at a place of complete fullness.  God did great things.  Hearts were touched and I believe that lives were changed.    How blessed I am that the Lord would take what little I have and allow me to use it to bring Glory to Him.  How awesome it is that He does the same for each person who’s desire it is to be used by Him as a vessel of honor. 

This makes me think about the story in the Bible when the little boy offered Jesus his lunch of  fish and  bread.  With this small meal Jesus miraculously fed 5,000 men plus all of their wives and children.  

The young boy in this story may not have felt like he had very much when he looked at his lunch.  I’m sure that he had no idea when he presented what he had to the Lord that this small moment in his life would be forever preserved among God’s people as such a significant event.  He had a heart to give, he gave what he had, and God used it to bring Himself glory. 

I can tell you that if it had been my lunch offered to the Lord that day the Bible story may have ended up differently.  Bread and cheese maybe, bread and figs?  What I do know is that it wouldn’t have been bread and fish because I hate fish!! 

Can you imagine how that little boy must have felt when he witnessed Jesus making so much out of what little he had offered?  

I am MY FATHER’S DAUGHTER.  Again and again I find myself amazed at God’s willingness to use whatever we are willing to offer Him, even when it may seem small or insignificant  to us, in BIG ways.

Each day we all have the opportunity to be used by God.  A card sent, a meal made, a hug given- each of these have impacted my heart and life in big ways when others have given of themselves.  I always find myself thankful to God for those who love me and are willing to take the time to help me to feel loved. 

God is such a wonderful Father that he allows us to use our individual and unique giftings, interests and talents to bring Glory to Him in a way that no-one else is able.  I encourage you to never underestimate what God can do with whatever you have and are willing to offer Him.  Seek Him today to see how He would like to use you to be a vessel of His love and encouragement in someones life.


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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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