New Year’s Realization

I know that I am my Father’s daughter.  Part of that knowing is remembering that He has good plans for me, to give me a hope and a future.  I cannot think of another time when as a society we think of the future collectively as much as around New Years.  

Certainly goals are good to have- the Word says that without a vision God’s people will perish.  I believe that it is a positive thing to take our lives before the Lord and see what He would have us lay before Him on the altar this year…maybe things that we have not been willing to let go of in the past, maybe things we aren’t even aware of until He shows us for the very first time.  Perhaps for some it will be the idea that they even have the ability to change or fix themselves and instead they will finally find themselves at the place where they are able to admit that only He has the ability to truly change us- otherwise wouldn’t we have all fixed ourselves and  been perfect by now?!!    

I have certainly made my share of resolutions…. unfortunately too often seeing them fade a little more day by day into the new year until they are only a given up on remembrance.

I have spent much time this holiday season purposely looking back to remember what the Lord has done within my life this year.  A New Year’s Realization if you will….this has been a monumental year for me on so many fronts.  

Firstly, the un expectant loss of my mother was probably the hardest thing that I have had to face since being a believer.  It was an unfamiliar time in my walk with the Lord when I didn’t even feel capable of running to the only One that I knew had any peace or solace to offer me.  I experienced a depth of grief in my soul that I had never experienced. 

When I was ready to run to my Daddy though I was so thankful to see that even in my most dire circumstances He had not left me and that in fact it seemed that He ran to meet me right where I was.  I am so thankful for His compassion.

It was this year that we went through scads of testing with the pediatric neurologist because our nine year old daughter had suffered from three separate stroke like episodes where the entire right side of her body went numb and she lost the ability to speak.  In our initial meeting with the doctor we were told that the worst case scenario was that she had a brain tumor and the best case scenario was that  she was having atypical migraines. 

The fear that the enemy tried to come against me with was like nothing I had ever experienced before.  Today, my daughter is healed and whole.  After those three episodes and a myriad of tests, MRI’s and EEG’s she never experienced another symptom.  I’m so thankful for His healing.

I guess the third most significant event that I look back upon in 2008 is the release to begin “My Father’s Daughter.”  I remain amazed as I look at all that He has done when I had no idea how to even begin to walk in what He has called me.  It is almost as if he laid out little footprint outlines for me to walk upon as I began this journey that will last the rest of my life. 

He has placed right in my path brothers and sisters to encourage me and use their giftings to help me develop my own.  He has provided opportunities for me to minister, finances for beginning the ministry, and individuals who have been willing to pour into me their knowledge and wisdom gained from experience in the same areas that I am walking.  

I am so thankful for His provision in every single area which far surpassed what I could have asked or dreamt or imagined.

So, this is a brief sharing of what I gleaned from my own New Years Realization.  I encourage you, before you step into 2009, to take time to be purposely thankful for all that He has done for you in 2008.  It is so easy to become so focused on what we desire to see done that we neglect to remember all that He has already done!

Happy New Year!



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