Phillipians 4:13 is for Turkeys!

O.k., so Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  As I stood in the grocery store this week staring at the huge center aisle freezer brimming over with frozen birds I all of the sudden felt tremendously overwhelmed… I only received a brief, one eye raised furrowed eyebrow glance from the woman next to me when I said out loud ” oh Father, help me….”  I’m not sure if she was trying to figure out who I was talking to or if she knew who I was talking to and wondered why I was talking to Him about turkeys 🙂    I don’t know why the thought of cooking a turkey seems like such a BIG undertaking to me , my first guess would be because I have never cooked one before.  As I have mentioned in previous posts I am not an individual who was endowed with great culinary giftings.  My husband is thankful that after years of marriage our dinner menu finally consists of something other than Hamburger Helper, Ramen Noodles, frozen Pot Pies and Spaghettios.  In years past we have either been invited somewhere else for Thanksgiving or we have just celebrated together as a small family and had pizza-my kids would prefer pizza over turkey any day!  This year however I am stepping out into the realms of the unknown and not only am I cooking a turkey but I am also making home made stuffing-you know, to be differentiated from the boxed yumminess labeled Stove Top- and I am actually going to stuff it into the turkey!  Even with many friends who have offered advice and encouragement that “really it’s not that hard,” standing there in the middle of the grocery store I was starting to doubt this whole grandiose idea of cooking a turkey altogether.  I began to think…aren’t there grocery stores that sell these things ready made?  My thoughts were interrupted-  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me….”  these are the words I heard within.  “Ha!” I responded outloud unsure if that scripture was ever meant to be applied to situations as dire as this.  All of the sudden the absurdity of the situation made me laugh at myself.  I was thankful that the woman standing next to me earlier had chosen her gobbler and moved on.  Here I was, woman of God, Overcomer, More than a Conqueror- the very same woman who that very morning had proclaimed in her time with the Lord that God was on her side and that she was able to do all things not in her own strength but in and through Him…. that very same woman was standing absolutely overwhelemed and intimidated by the dead and frozen fowl which was on sale for .29 cents per pound in front of her eyes.  Isn’t it amazing how as children of God it is easy to think of God taking care of the BIG things in life- but when it comes to the “little” things we neglect to remember that the Word of God is no less true, accurate and applicable?  I think that this is so much the case at times that we don’t even think to invite the Lord into those situations that we consider insignificant.  This was a super opportunity to remind myself that as my Father the Lord cares about every single part of my life- to Him there is no imposition in me running to Him over “every little thing.”  As a matter of fact, the greater my dependence on Him in every single area of my life, the more smoothly my life seems to go.    So I repented right that second, right in the middle of Kroger,  for not trusting and believing that He was big enough and well able to help even me with the “little”  task of cooking a turkey-stuffed with stuffing- for Thanksgiving.  After all of the other amazing and tremendous feats that He has performed and accomplished in my life how could I not trust Him with this as well?  I did walk away that day with a 16 pound-er (which comes equipped with a handy dandy pop up thingy that will tell me when it’s done!)  Just one more item to add to my “What I am thankful for” list this year.


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  1. Tanya,

    Can I come over…I trust Him in you to do a “Good Thing” and amaze most of all “Yourself”…yummy…have a blessed day.

    Journals of the Heart

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