Whose In Your Basket?

There is a certain credit card commercial we all have seen that asks “What’s in your wallet?”  Within the commercial this phrase is proceeded by a disastrous situation that calls for the use of a credit card and whatever card presented is insufficient to get the job done.

In Mark chapter 2 there is a story of five friends.  One of them was a paralytic and unable to help himself.  As desperately as he wanted to be whole, he was unable to take himself before Jesus to get what he needed.  Four of his friends loved him so very much that they went out of their way to present their friend to Jesus by placing him in a basket and lowering it down through the roof of the house where Jesus was preaching the Word.  This was not an easy task for certain.  First of all, they all had to co-ordinate their schedules.  They had lives just like you and I do I’m sure and families and jobs that pulled on their time and attention.  They had to work together to think creatively about how they would overcome the crowds surrounding Jesus that were so overwhelming they weren’t able to get inside by use of the front door.  There was physcial labor involved as they lifted this man and placed him into the basket on the roof.  They also had to contend with others and what they would think and feel about so radical a move as to remove the roof from a house that did not belong to them!  The bottom line is that it was inconvenient, time consuming, and difficult.  However, none of these facts prevented these four friends who loved the one from doing what they needed to do to get him what He needed from the Lord.  That is love in action form, faith with works following.  In order to do what they did they must have believed that Jesus had what their friend needed-or why else bother?

I believe that this story can be likened to Intercessory prayer.  There have been many times when in my own life I have found myself at a place of feeling paralyzed by a disastrous situation-my mind, will and emotions seemingly unable to overcome whatever life has thrown my way.  These are times that I KNOW that my friends who have taken time to take me before the King have been essential in helping me to overcome.  When I was unable to go before the throne of my Father because of my own weaknesses, it was my friends who picked me up in prayer and took me before the one that they knew had all I needed to be healed and made whole.  I know it wasn’t always convenient, and many times required time and energy that could have been spent elsewhere.  I find myself so thankful however for the intercession that has been offered up on my behalf by those that love me enough to put love into action.  I often find myself  putting people in baskets and lowering them before the Lord knowing that although I am unable to help them in the natural, much can be done in the Spirit and that the Lord knows and has all that they need.  I wonder what would have become of that man if his friends hadn’t taken the time to “intercede” on his behalf- what would have become of you or me?

It’s nice to have the right thing in your wallet.  It’s crucial however in the body of Christ that we take full advantage of the power that the Father has given us as Intercessors.  When we join together in unity to intercede for our brothers and sisters we really do have the ability to assist them in a way that far surpasses any earthly help that we could offer.  The prayers of a righteous man availeth much!  Do we really believe that the Lord has all that we need?  He IS the answer to every question and the solution to every problem!  He IS the way maker.  It can be time consuming and often inconvenient- but isn’t it always worth it?  So I ask you- whose in your basket?


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  1. Holly

    What a neat correlation. I’ve never really thought about this parable in this context. I think this will stay with me from now on. A visual image for every prayer.

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