Stepping out in FAITH

It is amazing to me how much the Lord has done in such a short period of time!  Creating the website was a bit of work but the Lord was so faithful to share with me what to say for each section.  He gave me His vision, His purpose and His desire for this work so that I could share it with the world.  He even helped me to share my testimony in a way that would be fitting for a website.  I know that He has called me to write it in book form but for now I was able to share an abbreviated version of all that He has done for me.  So now we wait and see what He will do and accomplish with this work that He has created and given life to.  So far I have two speaking engagements booked for the upcoming year.  I am filled with joy at knowing that I will have the opportunity to share my testimony and God’s abounding love and faithfulness in my life with other women to bring them hope and encouragement.  I am such a “people” person that I am excited to meet new people and be an extension of God’s love, grace and mercy into their lives.  If God has done anything (and He absolutely has done MANY things within me,)  He has filled me with a passion to see His daughters healed and whole in Spirit, Mind and Body.


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